What will I need to bring?
You will need a reliable and roadworthy bicycle - CycleSure cannot supply you with a bike. There is a wide range available on the market nowadays, from off-road mountain bikes through to racing models or recumbents. Bikeability instruction is designed for riding a traditional 2 wheeler but would still be applicable to a tricycle. If you do not own a bike and cannot borrow one for your training session you could hire one for the occasion. Ask at your local cycle dealer for advice about the best bike for your needs.

A helmet is advisable and should be correctly fitted. There is no doubt that a properly fitted helmet can help to reduce head injuries in the event of a fall. It is not yet, however, a legal requirement.

Follow the weather forecast and come to your lesson suitably prepared. Waterproofs make riding in the wet more bearable. Exposed shoulders and knees can easily burn in hot weather.

You do not need a new lycra suit! Comfortable sport / casual wear in which you can move easily is quite sufficient. Avoid loose-fitting and/or flapping garments. Shoes should be secure.

CycleSure will provide a hi-visibility tabard or waistcoat for the lesson.

If you are taking a double session you may need an energy boost at half time and water may be necessary to prevent dehydration. Do not under-estimate how tired you may become learning a new skill.

You may want a pen and note-pad to help you remember some of the teaching points.