The elements of Bikeability - the national standard in cycle training - are as follows:
Level 1A
Level 1B
Level 2
Level 3

Level 2

  1. Start an on-road journey
  2. Finish an on-road journey
  3. Be aware of everything around, including behind, as the cyclist rides along
  4. Understand how and when and demonstrate ability to signal the rider's intentions to other road users
  5. Understand where to ride on the roads being used
  6. Pass parked or slower moving vehicles or obstructions
  7. Pass side roads
  8. Turn left from a major to a minor road and from a minor to a major road
  9. Turn right from a minor to a major road and from a major to a minor road
  10. Be able to take the correct carriageway lane when needed
  11. Decide where cycle lanes can help the journey and demonstrate their correct use
  12. Justify decisions made during riding and thereby demonstrate understanding of safe riding strategy
  13. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Highway Code, in particular the correct interpretation of road signs and markings and the rules relating to cycling

Certificates are available for successful attainment of each level. Levels 2 & 3 certification require successful completion of the earlier stages.